7 ways to save money while studying abroad in Australia

A study in Australia takes a lot of costs so there is a reasonable spending plan and use the savings form will help reduce costs.

1. Exchange rate and bank card

– Making a bank account with Australia as soon as possible as soon as he set foot on Australian bank selected matching incentives package matching the demand. – For standard Australian dollar exchange rate and money Vietnam dong. Choose the best exchange rate when remittance needs.

2. Planned use reasonable budget 

– Spending time detailed listing of the basic spending accounts: toothpaste, bus tickets, dinner … and fixed expenses: food, books, course materials, phone, internet and followed strictly.

3. Transport and travel


– Choose public transportation: Bus and train or you can walk, ride a bike.

– Join tour with the group in the school. Find discount travel program, incentives for students.

  4. Shopping wise

– Healthy eating and cooking yourself at home using a food source or food bought in school, limit eating out frequently.  – Go shopping at the supermarket much cheaper with coupons .

5. Keep in touch

– Using programs like Whatsapp, Viber … to make free phone calls.  – Use your phone normally buy in Australia will help you cut costs when implementing international calls.

6. Work and tax

– Note the rules regarding student added: “The students worked with Visa International students in Australia  will be reviewed on an area for residents and will not have to pay income tax if only earn 18,200 AUD / year. Once the limit is crossed, you will be taxed 19 cents per Australian dollar earned. In order to work legally, you need to have a tax code (taxe File Number) to prove you have registered with the tax department. Note that students often only pay 15.96 AUD for an hour of work “.

Take advantage of this offer to help reduce the cost of living.

7. Daily Savings

– Buy in bulk and save personal use. – For the programs buy 1 get 1 free and deals on food as near expiry.– When going to do more you’ll get some interesting incentives for employees, especially in the fast food shop or supermarket.