8 Learning Centers Just for Teachers

Wine and Coffee Station

Teacher will taste wine and coffee samples from a variety of regions. As an extension activity, a description of each region will be provided with information that teachers can read.

Positive Affirmation Station

Teacher will receive 15 minutes of positive affirmation from a former student who is now a happy, well-rounded adult.

Nature Sounds Station with Noise Cancelling Headphones

Teacher will self-select a nature soundtrack based on his/her interests.  Have teacher wear noise canceling headphones to prevent interference.

Nap Station


Teacher selects from an array of pillows, blankets, and cots to take a nap. Snoring is permitted. (Note: for teachers struggling to fall asleep, have recordings of professional development sessions they’ve already attended on-hand.)

Craft Station

Ask teacher ahead of time to select a craft from Pinterest and have materials ready. Encourage the teacher to select a craft that is not related to education, since teacher will likely have mastered the skill of educational crafts before participating in the station.

Pictures of Cute Baby Animals Station

Teacher will flip through photo album filled with pictures of baby animals. Squealing is encouraged.

Cupcake Station

Teacher will frost and decorate a cupcake.

Dart Station

Teacher will throw darts at a specified target. Life-size pictures of politicians who consistently demonstrate a complete disregard for teachers can serve as excellent targets.
I think I’ll send this list to all the principals in the US as a suggestion for their next faculty meeting or professional development session. I’ll let you know what they say!