Opportunities for training and practice in Germany

Project Board Training International cooperation Vietnam – Germany notice seeking candidates for training and practicing in Germany in 2015.

The candidates competed in male / female aged 20 to 35, graduated Intermediate Construction sector (Priority south), Nursing (preferably female). Candidates who have certificates A1 to B2 German European reference framework.

Contents of the training program in German during 9-11 months in Vietnam, certification exam B1, B2; transition training to improve skills in German enterprises during 24 months for the construction industry and 36 months for Nursing, certification exam to practice in Germany and the European Union (EU).

After practicing certificate, the candidate is retained in the business to work in Germany, for a period of at least 03 years with a salary of 40-60 million / month.Rights of candidates when training and practicing in Germany include: Free Full tuition, curriculum tools and other expenses related to training in Germany;Support for meals, accommodation in dormitories, go back in time training at the training center of the State of Sachsen BFW – Germany; Apprentice allowance from 15-30 million / month; Enjoy the social benefits prescribed in Germany.

Navigation applications for participation in collaborative training program in Germany include: high school diploma; By graduating from university, college, secondary; graduate transcripts; all certificates, certificate-related training (if any);birth certificate. The first payment of this publication have enclosed photocopies of the original certificate.

Book registered permanent residence (1 set) submit notarized copy and the original for comparison; Image size 3.5 x 4.5 biometrics, light background, taken frontally prescribed (10 photos) stored in envelopes 1; Blood test patterns including 3 following results: Blood, Hepatitis B, HIV (the original due care hospitals); Registration of marriage (if applicable); Birth certificates of children (if any); People’s identity card / passport valid for at least 3 years (3 copies);Narrative Curriculum Vitae (in the form of College FLC); Application for registration of participation training program of international cooperation Vietnam – Germany