Opportunity to work while studying in the UK

Study in combination with working in London as an option to help you get the learning environment in quality, degree-value while saving costs.

University London South Bank (London South Bank University) was founded in 1892 – the largest University and the oldest in London.  The school has nearly 23,500 students from 120 countries around the world.  The school is located in Southwark – bustling center, located right next to the river Thames, London.

School includes major facilities located in Southwark, two smaller facility located in Whipps Cross Hospital and Havering – East London.  School 4’s academies: the Academy of Commerce, Institute of Management and Computer Information , Academy of Science, Technology and Environment Architecture, the Academy of Arts and Humanities and the Institute of Health and Social Care.


Where London South Bank offers training courses in the formal university system, PhD and doctorate.  Students can complete all kinds of degrees in the fields of natural and social: formal Academic Law Society, Technology; Master of Arts, Management and Commerce, Science …. These courses usually defined: The auditorium 1 year, 3 year Bachelor, Master 15 months

 Why the London South Bank?

1.Average wages for the students graduate of London South Bank University queue first in the country. Average volume achieved: £ 22,255 / year.

2. Students of some subjects there are opportunities for other degrees respectively, the practicing certificate as: ACCA (Certified Accountant of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK), CIM (Certificate of Institute Royal National Marketing), RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects International).

3. School Language Centre offers English textbooks for free.

4. Each student has a teacher directing and guiding.

5. Lecturers are leading professors in the world.

6.Equipment teaching and research center for advanced learning materials in England.

7. Equipment teaching and research center for advanced learning materials in England.

8. The school has 4 dorms with 1,400 single room, a 10-minute walk from the school to manage the dorm room maximum support needs and aspirations of the students.

9. School provides airport shuttle services for free.