The British government tightened visa regime for foreign students

The foreign students are studying in the UK are very worried about the future and expressed disappointment about the Draft Law on Immigration Visa England with story.

In the amendments in order to further tighten the rules on immigration, to prevent misuse of the provisions of this immigration, perhaps the most remarkable part involves some restrictions on the grant Student Visa for those who are citizens of countries not belonging to the European Communities blocks (Non-EU Countries) in the UK for the purpose of learning.

The new regulations are scattered in about 28 terms , which a specific number of new restrictions including:

1. Students at lower educational levels university would not be right to work while studying in the UK.  This provision is applicable to balanced treatment between students of private schools where students have not been work permits in the learning process for students of public schools to the previous rules still allowed employees (10 hours per week during the semester and working full time for the holiday) during school.



2. College students ̣ (college) are courses under the university would have to leave the UK immediately after finishing the course is expected not to be applied for conversion of visas based on other points (including university education) except where educational institutions are learning the Interior Ministry admitted as an integral part of a training facility and the University are learning courses is considered to be a connected component Level University.

If it does not meet the requirements for admission to a higher level is performed only after the students have left the UK.

3. Living expenses compulsory student must demonstrate when applying for a visa will be increased to match the living standards of 2015. Simultaneously previous regulations allowed students studying in the UK  this applicant extended prove just eat in mandatory payments equivalent to 2 months was abolished, meaning that student visa will have to prove you have enough money to eat at during the course (or 9 months if the course is longer than 9 months).

4. Students of the College after graduating wish would stay to work in the UK to leave the UK to apply for a visa to work at the British Embassy in the country where he resides even if there was a single You used to work in the UK is ready to recruit. Regulation annuls the students after graduation can apply for a work visa at the British capital are considered “back door” to the students at Low education level can stay long term. 5. Providing for students to progress in the learning process to be tightened. Accordingly students on courses not belonging to the university or higher education in the schools only up to 2 years.

Even during the two years that the school be extended only to students who have completed a University level courses under extended learning or a course of the same level if that course is a part connected with the course before, or if the school confirms that the course which is to support job prospects Student has now. If nothing changes next week amendments will be Parliament vote through a new immigration law takes effect from the date 03.08.2015. With no sign Brand apparent objections from the factions and the British Conservative Party holds a majority in Parliament, the possibility of this amendment will be adopted.