The opportunity to study at Vietnam England

Launch Scholarship Prince Andrew in 2015 was officially held on anhydrous 27.1 in Hanoi, to continue the mission to wing dreams for many young knowledge.

Born in 2010 to now, the program Prince Andrew Scholarship (offered by the British University Vietnam – BUV) brought the best learning opportunities for students who wish to attend Vietnam plans UK degree on his own country.

Scholarship Programme HRH widely applied to all students in Vietnam who have graduated high school. Students are selected for the scholarship based on a combination of factors: academic achievement, experience participating in community service activities and has the potential to become leaders in the main body Government, business and academia.

Training objectives of the program aims to contribute to the development of Vietnam by bringing the best educational opportunities for talented individuals at the school.University first UK also provides students with a modern learning environment with a degree of international quality with a team of 100% foreign lecturers.

Over 4 years in Vietnam, Scholarships HRH has attracted the attention of many young enthusiasts all over the country. After after experiencing BUV educational environment at all feel happy about the curriculum, modes of learning as well as international environment here.

Scholarship Program HRH officially launched in 2015 will provide for student registration and full scholarships are granted by direct 100% of public university in England fame.

The scholarship program applies to registered candidates studying subjects: Bachelor of International Business Administration, Bachelor of Marketing Management, Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Accounting and Business.