5 ways to reduce excess fat effectively

If the weight loss is always difficult for you, please apply immediately 5 moves following extremely simple, very effective there!

Buy 1 scales

According to one recent study by Brown University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the key to losing weight is aware of their weight status and weight is a place where there is a flat surface, not bumpy.

The best time to know the exact weight of the body is in the morning.

You should have 1 calendar stating the balance each day. Based on that figure, you can control your weight.


Write a weight loss diary

Sounds funny, but it is necessary. You should not only record daily measurements of weight, but also your daily menu.

You are the only person that they should take a very honest record. It will help you reduce caloric intake of the following day. You should also have one nutrition book to balance their menu.

Tell people

Talk to people in your house of intent. Weight loss is very important to you should you wish to get their support. If not, you can also join forums first to learn experience and know what not avoid.

Clean the kitchen cabinets

Kitchen is where most tempted with dieting . You can not control when the favorite food find themselves unfold.

Before you start to lose weight, you should clean the kitchen cabinets. Remove all fatty foods, drugs, junk food out of the refrigerator. And just folded them when you have to make sure he would not be attractive anymore.

To comfort myself

Normally you will probably eat your favorite foods, but as in the beginning you always have thought that we would not be eating just as stimulating appetite of the item.