Top healthy foods to help lose weight effectively


Seaweed is the food delicious, the weight loss supplement. In addition to rich viatamin A, B1 and B2, the seaweed also contain rich amounts of fiber and many other minerals, can help the body excrete excess substances. Therefore, the fall is a great time you use seaweed soup to lose weight, get your body balanced.

Orange juice

Cam is not only the fruits bring vitamins, it also helps you lose weight in a healthy and safe. Orange is good for intestinal digestion, reduce the accumulation of toxins due orange contains more nutrition-rich, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, citric acid carotene, fiber ….



The sweetness of the papaya will get you within 1 plump, body balance in autumn.

Contains vitamins are good for the body. Especially, in papaya contains the digestive enzyme good for digestion and helps protein-rich foods more easily (eg protein-rich foods from the meat). Therefore fall to choose papaya is one of the best weight loss foods.

Red beans

Every day eat red bean soup, help you lose weight. Red beans extremely rich in nutrients, including many minerals and vitamins. Moreover, the red beans also have large amounts of vitamin B, which components may increase colon peristalsis, very good for urinary tract and reduce constipation, help the body excrete the sebum and reduces the amount of soy great for fat in the body.


Banana delicious and good for digestion and weight loss. Although bananas have high calories but contains low fat, rich Kalli. Eat more bananas good for digestion, reduce fat accumulation in the body. Generally, in the fall of banana is an ideal food to help you lose weight, keep fit.


Apples are very good weight loss foods. When autumn comes, you eat apples every day to get in shape as standard! Apples are panacea help you beauty , which are meant to help you lose weight, keep fit very effective. Because the apple contains malic acid can accelerate the metabolism and decrease body fat.

Additionally, in apples contain more calcium than other fruits, can reduce the amount of salt, helps the body to prevent swelling. Autumn, you see apples are useful weight loss foods.