See Top Positions Nigerians Like to use while in the Bedroom.

Being in a relationship is exciting as you have a companion to share your thoughts and worries with. Couples who are married share more than the burdens as they have every right to explore themselves in ways virgins will consider creepy. Speaking of the virgins, let them be for now, please. Every dog has its day. But for those who have experienced the moaning, groaning and panting in the bedroom, it is an entirely different case. Nigerians are sentimental about s ex and some issues.

Parents avoid having that talk with their children as they find it awkward. Anywhere sex is being discussed, you can be sure that it will b e met with so much skepticism.

The truth of the matter is that many people in Nigeria are being hypocritical. They act like the word itself is a sin whereas, it is part of life. Some married couples still cringe and feel ashamed when it is being raised as an issue.