The things to know when you travel Washington

If you are still in doubt on where to go for a wonderful vacation, Washington DC should be one of your choices. This state reflects democracy when it comes to having a glance of the state mansion, architectural buildings, historical landmarks, national monuments, and museums.

Whether you are a local citizen or a simple tourist, you are allowed to visit such places. Instead of staying on a single destination, you need to maximize your time in knowing the area. Travel Washington will make your eyes amazed with what you can see.


Here are some of the locations you must never miss when you go to Washington, DC:

  • Lincoln Memorial.This was named after Abraham Lincoln. Upon entering the building, visitors will see creative arts and the products of great style. Failing to
  • White House.This is where the President stays in order to perform his duties. As implied to its name, the mansion is painted white, following a neoclassical style.
  • National Museum.If you want to be familiar with the rich culture, history, cuisine, and art of the American Indians, this museum must be included on your list. You will have an idea about the early stage of these people’s lives. The old artifacts will tell you that Washington was able to preserve the important remembrance of the past. The traditional dishes, kebabs, and sandwiches will definitely satisfy your stomach.
  • National Mall. There is a free walking tour if you want to save money from your travel. It begins at Constitution Avenue and ends at the Lincoln Memorial. After 2 hours of introducing the tourists to various places, the tour guides deserve minimal fee for their exceptional effort and knowledge about Washington.
  • National Portrait Gallery. This also shows history and art. In a deeper sense, this gallery recognizes the people who contributed on shaping the history of United States.



  • The streets are named after states. You must know what the street signs mean so that you won’t get lost around the place. Washington is composed of 4 quadrants such as NE, NW, SE, and SW. Make yourself guided on the specific quadrant you are currently positioned.
  • Instead of riding on vehicles, it is better to reach several locations through walking. However, you must be look at the approaching bikers, especially on rush hours. Considering the fact that you are a stranger at Washington, DC, you need to be extra careful. People won’t consider you as a celebrity anyway.


After a tiring day at Washington, you must find a worthy relaxation at any reputable hotel. The success on choosing a hotel will lead to a great experience. If you travel with your family or close friends, you just need to pick something which can suit your budget.

Travel Washington will be an additional memory to cherish throughout your life. As a traveler, you must enjoy every moment in order to make the best out of your vacation. Just like the season of autumn and spring, there must be a feeling of delight in your heart.