Travel packs in Sorrento

Sorrento is home of numerous breath taking and picturesque sceneries which makes it a great travel destination in Italy. There are lots of perfect spots for individuals from all walks and life and have different purpose for travel.

From visual stunning places, to delicious delicacies to give you the side taste of Sorrento living  to different activities you can possible engage with, to luxurious to affordable hotels for accommodation which give you snap shot of the best panoramic view of the place as well as great holiday packages. Sorrento has lot to offer which will surely deliver a beautiful holiday.


Sorrento and the Famous Places

Sorrento is popular for some of its beautiful places including Naples Bay, Capri and Mount Vesuvis. Others prefer to visit and spend their vacation at Marina Grande Harbor. While those who love to see beautiful beaches and rocky cliffs while doing great shopping visit Almafi coast. For others who love and are interested in history and archeology can opt for a Correale Visit. Tourists also never leave the place without visiting the unique monuments such as Cathedral of Sorrento or visit the historic monastery which is built in 14th century, the St. Francesco Monastery.

Travel Package from Belair Hotel

Belair Hotel is a 4-star hotel located at the heart of Sorrento. The Hotel perfectly suits tourist who are searching for an ideal romantic ambiance. Everything any tourists’ desires and needs are all offered here. Tourists can opt for luxury travel package and enjoy every luxurious amenities in the hotel. This makes travelling to Sorrento almost, if not perfect. The tour package offered is referred to as an “Unforgettable Romance Package”. And as the name implies, it truly brings unforgettable romantic experience.

The service package includes: Three night stay at Don Mariano luxury Suite


Don Mariano luxury Suite is located on a cliff so tourists could appreciate the remarkable view of Sorrento town. Sightseers are also given chance to watch as well as observe astronomical in the observatory. A place made of glass walls.

From this hotel, sightseers can have a marvelous view of Mount Vesuvius and Naples Bay. There is also a whirlpool tub in private balcony which is very ideal for having relaxing moments. Mediterranean style is the theme for interior design, while the flooring is themed after an Italian renaissance style with stone walls specifically made to provide maximum comfort to the guests.

Other Types of Belair Hotel Package

For those who like to have a different and much thrilling experience, they can have a tour via helicopter. The jets available accommodate two people, making it ideal for couples. It can take explorers to fly around, have fun and be delight in the panoramic view of Sorrento from the sky. Furthermore, they serve fresh strawberries and champagne and a beautiful roses bouquet (as a way to tell them how they value their customers.

Couples can also enjoy fireworks from their private balcony. Everything will deliver romantic memories for the couple. The entire smart package will surely worth the cost. You surely will have a beautiful holiday.